texaspepperjellytipsI’ve said this many times, but I’m saying it again:  Sometimes the answer to a question is right in the cupboard, hiding behind a label that isn’t usually associated with what you ened it for.

What, I haven’t said that before?  Well, I’ve said it now.

For dessert tonight, we had yellow layer cake, and it wasn’t until both tiers were cooling on the rack that I realized that I had no more sugar and couldn’t make my usual icing.

So I thought I’d just use the jar of Berry Medley Halapeno pepper jelly I had in the refrigerator between the layers and on top of the cake.

It was AWESOME!  Seriously awesome.  I’m going to try a pepper jelly roll cake next.  So unexpected, and so good!

I wanted to post a picture, but by the time I found my camera and got it ready, there was no cake left.