texaspepperjellytips Texas Pepper Jelly’s Texas BBQ Rubs are awesome for your outdoor grill, but they’re also awesome when you’re cooking “regular” in your kitchen, using your stove or oven.

Just season your roast, chicken, turkey, fish, etc. as you would for the grill.  Let it “set” in the refrigerator overnight, well-wrapped.  Then cook as you would ordinarily cook it – boiled, baked, broiled, fried, breaded (or not), or grilled – outside or inside. (Some of those “fancy” stoves have a grill.)   This even works with your crockpot!  Texas Pepper Jelly’s BBQ rubs wildsmwill turn your ordinary dinner into something EXTRAordinary, and your family will  never put up with the old ways again.

I’m using Texas Wild on our baked salmon tomorrow night.  It’s in the refrigerator as I type, becoming so much more and better than ordinary plain baked salmon could EVER be!