No matter which spicy, mouthwatering Texas Pepper Jelly recipe you might choose for your family’s supper, there’s nothing like a nice fresh salad and a loaf of homemade bread to go along with it!

Unsliced bread looks so nice on your table. It’s more than just “pretty,” though; bread is a wonderful source of nutrition for your family, and with a little butter and some Texas Pepper Jelly of your choice, it’s almost a feast in and of itself. 

These days, however, it’s not considered good manners to just tear chunks off a loaf of bread; it needs to be sliced. To properly and smoothly slice bread, you need a good bread knife.

I use Messermeister’s Park Plaza scalloped Baker’s Knife.

Messermeister offers high-end cutlery in the Meridian elite, San Moritz elite, Park Plaza, Four Seasons, and Asian Precision lines. While marketing knife luggage, edge guards and other cutlery accessories.

“Messer”, meaning knife, and “meister”, meaning maestro or master, combine to create the company’s name; a company striving with full commitment and desire to provide the highest quality cutlery and complementary culinary tools for the home and professional chef.

Both 12″ and 14″ Park Place serrated baking knives have 3/4″ tang.  Awesome.

Order these fantastic bread knives right HERE.

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