TexasChristmasA house without cookies is unacceptable, especially during the holiday season!

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a tip for you:  just open a package of pre-made cookies, add a dollop of pepper jelly in the middle, and put them in the microwave for ten seconds!  I’ve done this with plain butter cookies, oatmeal cookies (our favorite), peanut butter cookies, and gingerbread.  All of these have been awesome!  The only kind of cookie my kids didn’t like, with pepper jelly on it, was chocolate chip.  All the others, however, were huge hits!

Speaking of gingerbread and pepper jelly:  this is a fabulous combination!  Some people might even eat it for breakfast.  Ahem.

The point is, fabulous cookies don’t have to be homemade.  You can make inexpensive, store-bought cookies into a wonderful, homemade-like treat with just a dab of Texas Pepper Jelly.  We’ve used almost all of the various flavors, too; so far, so GREAT!

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