sleightin2smTexas Pepper Jelly samplers are not like samplers from any other company.  Other companies offer you a done deal: a tin filled with THEIR choice of flavors.  At Texas Pepper Jelly, you can order any of several different kinds of tins and we let YOU choose the flavors!

That’s right: YOU choose whatever flavor of pepper jelly YOU want in YOUR tin.  Choose one of each, or choose all the same, or choose any combinations YOU want!

We have several different sizes and types of sampler tins; you can choose that, too.

Our pepper jellies are made fresh when we get your order, so each sampler tin will contain the very freshest products you could ever hope to find.

It’s time to get your orders in, however.  Take a look at the calendar; Christmas is almost here!  There’s stlil time to order from Texas Pepper Jelly, though.

Why give an ordinary gift when you can give a truly unique gift from Texas Pepper Jelly?