TexasChristmasThe Texas Pepper Jelly gift item “Jelly of the Month” is truly the gift that keeps on giving!  For a full year, the lucky recipient of this gift will get, via the mail, a new batch of pepper jelly every three months!

That’s right – every three months your gift recipient will get three 12-ounce jars of Texas Pepper Jelly, by far the best pepper jelly on the market today, anywhere.

That’s a total of twelve big 12-ounce jars of pepper jelly, folks, each jar a different flavor!mixedcase

Along next summer, when most Christmas gifts are long used up or forgotten, your gift recipient will still be getting a fresh batch of Texas Pepper Jelly in the mail!

This is an excellent gift idea for individuals AND for businesses; talk about keeping your name fresh in a friend or client’s mind!