Fellow pepper jelly fans,
Nothing is easier to use than Texas Pepper Jelly.  It doesn’t matter if you lick if from a spoon or use it as a glaze on ribs: the bottom line is, it is simple and tastes great.
One of the biggest uses is as an appetizer.  Simply spoon over a block of softened cream cheese and dip with crackers or chips, and you have an instant hit on your hands.
The different colors of the jellies over the white cream cheese also make an attractive dish as well.  So what are you waiting for?  Order yours today, and give it a try at your next party.
Until next time,
Craig Sharry
Craig is spot-on right, too.  I served two appetizers with my Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, and, as I told the big boss himself Craig, my two sisters fought over who got to take the almost-empty jars of pineapple habanero and berry medley home with them.
Guess what they’ll be getting for Christmas!
I’m not worried about my pepper jelly order getting here before Christmas, either.  Everything I’ve ever ordered from Texas Pepper Jelly has come in just a few days.  Plenty of time!

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