Stacks of texas pepper jelly holiday gifts

Perfect Holiday Gifts from Texas Pepper Jelly!

The holidays are just around the corner; December is near!

You’re here, so we hope that means you are a planner. Hopefully, we can help you decide what to buy friends, family, co-workers, or even yourself for gifts.

If you are not a gift-giving planner, we suggest you try to plan a little ahead this year. Supply chain issues are not going away anytime soon and that could mean if you snooze you will lose.

Why would I buy pepper jelly as a gift?

Our products make a great inexpensive gift! And more importantly, EVERYONE eats!

Why not give a gift that will get used by the person you gave it to? Think about it…how often do you see food regifted?

Texas Pepper Jelly is ideal for any occasion, whether you’re hosting a big family reunion, a party, or just sitting around by yourself watching TV! Our jelly can be used in nearly all of your edible options.

When company comes to the Sharry home and we are cooking, you can bet we will feature Texas Pepper Jelly in some form or another. Actually, we have a favorite appetizer and it is very easy: pour some pepper jelly over a block of cream cheese (or warmed up brie) and dip crackers into it!

What are good Christmas present ideas?

Habanero jellies! We know jellies are cliche for gifts during the holidays, but they continue to be popular gifts. Ours especially. They are excellent stocking stuffers, too!

Why do we believe ours are better than a basic store-bought brand? We still make ours in small batches and the jars you will be giving as gifts will be fresh!

While jelly doesn’t expire overnight, in fact, it has a long shelf life, ours is cooked, put in jars, labeled, and shipped. Our pepper jelly hasn’t been sitting on shelves month after month. In a matter of days, it can go from production to your table.

Is it too late to order for Christmas?

Good news! It’s never too late to order something special here at Texas Pepper Jelly because we have e-gift cards.

E gift card image for Texas Pepper Jelly

Not only are our gift cards digital, but they can be ordered at any time and for any holiday. Once purchased they are instantaneously delivered to the inbox of the email address(es) you provided.

This option also gives the recipient gift options.

So, if you forgot someone or you just want to give a little something to the neighbors who helped you last weekend, you can never go wrong with one of our e-gift cards!

Can I choose the jelly flavors I want?

Of course.

Now, with most companies’ offerings of “assortments” of their product, the choice isn’t the customers’ choice. The selections of products are made in-house and the customer chooses the assortment that is closest to their personal wants.

It’s not like that with Texas Pepper Jelly. On our pepper jelly bundle page, we put the selection in our customer’s hands. YOU get to pick what kind of pepper jelly you want.

Some people request one of each; that’s cool with us. Some people have a single favorite and request many of one kind; that’s cool with us, too. The point is, YOU are in charge of the kind of pepper jelly that comes in your gift assortment! That means every single jar will be one you especially wanted!

Let us help make your holiday shopping more productive. Order today and your Christmas gifts can be on their way.

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