Ah, the pepper jelly; bit spicy, bit sweet but all yummy.  Sure, you can put it on your bagels, your English muffins, your Texas toast, but what else can you use it for? Pepper jelly isn’t just for breakfast you see, as you can use it in a wide variety of ways.

Many of us like pepper jelly because it is a wonderful mix of sweet and heat, but you can take that combination and add it to cream cheese for example and make a great dip for crackers, melt it and the cream cheese and you have a yummy dip for fruit, marshmallows, or graham crackers (or all three in a sweet charcuterie board). What about making a dip for eggrolls or veggies? With such a versatile product, you aren’t limited to just meat or just desserts; you can mix and match and create a taste all your own.

If you are looking for an extra zing for meat why not brush some pepper jelly on while cooking, or use it as a marinade for your favourite dish? Pepper jelly can be added to any stir-fry for a different flavor combination. It can be used for stews and casseroles and anything you cook in a crock pot (think pulled pork, pulled chicken, etc.) as it gives a familiar fruity flavor along with the telltale kick that makes you remember it’s not your momma’s jelly. It is also great as a glaze on vegetables, meat and fish while grilling.

On the sweeter side, you can mix pepper jelly in with yogurt for a yummy treat (you can even freeze that mixture in plastic molds for cool ice pops) or simply use it on ice cream as a topping. Of course, it can also replace regular jelly in the old standard peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and with so many varieties the old pb & j will never be the same! At your next gathering what about creating a pepper jelly combination in a breadbasket, use it as a condiment for burgers and hot dogs or even add it to a margarita to make a special ‘house’ mix.

With so many flavors, the possibilities are endless and can even be mixed for a taste all your own. Strawberry with peach, apple with berry medley, apple and peach together, really whatever your imagination can conjure up, so what are you waiting for? Pepper jelly may be a great breakfast essential but has uses far and beyond the most important meal of the day!


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