Every year we see new and exciting trends and this year is no exception. Sure, we have a pandemic to worry about, but that didn’t stop things from becoming trendy last year and it sure won’t stop them this year either.

I must admit when I first saw the words watermelon ham, I wondered what the heck that was, until I realized that it was obviously a thick slice of watermelon grilled like a ham steak. (sometimes names actually tell the story, who knew?) And it turns out that veggie/vegan grilling is still a very hot trend, and why not? People are grilling flat mushrooms, whole cauliflower, broccoli, okra, beans, and avocado with amazing results. The experts are even suggesting we will have carrot ‘hot dogs’ and people will be grilling big pieces of cheese as well, making a sort of plant-based charcuterie board for more options and maximum flavor for the next backyard gathering.

Also a big trend this year is the grilling of meatless products that are lab made, this has become a trend thanks to healthy living millennials and is looking to be something that just grows in popularity the more people learn about it. Speaking of which, what about the pellet grill? Although they have been around for a while, we are now seeing more of them because they are less time consuming and easy while still giving you that great BBQ taste. All you do is choose the temp, hit the button and viola no effort, all taste, which is great for us busy folk.

Back to the meat grilling for a sec, and who doesn’t love the newest trend of wireless meat thermometers? With several different ones to choose from, these give you the freedom to actually leave the grilling area for a little while and keep up to date with what’s cooking on your phone. We all know that internal temperature is key and with this device you will always know what’s going on even if you’re not standing right next to your grill.

And that brings us to smoking your meat. Like they have done for centuries before us, smoking is a trend for this year as well. You get juicy and flavor filled results and can smoke almost anything for that undeniable dinner experience.  With so many people setting up outside kitchens these days, your smoker can be used in tandem with your wood oven cooking set up, that’s not just for pizza these days. Rack of lamb, any combination of fruit and vegetables, chicken, pork, you name it, can be cooked outside reminiscent of the olden days but on trend for 2021.

Whatever trend you decide to try for this grilling season, be sure to stock up on your seasonings, rib candy, peppers and of course, pepper jelly to liven up your next feast!


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