Face it, things just go better together. Peas and carrots, cake and frosting, sugar and spice (especially in pepper jelly!), chips and dip, and of course seasoning/sauce/pepper jelly bundles! Now, why would you want a bundle of goodies from Texas Pepper Jelly? The real question should be why wouldn’t you? Bundles give you some of everything and the best thing is they are totally customizable to your tastes and needs. From the simple, the Brisket Pack that includes Craig’s seasoning, all purpose seasoning and BBQ sauce to the Everything Pack that literally includes one of everything we sell (rib candy, BBQ sauce, seasoning, pepper seasoning, a condiment and pepper jelly) you really can’t go wrong!

So, what if you love to grill chicken or ribs are your thing? Never fear, we have a bundle for that. Our Rib Pack consists of your choice of rib candy paired with BBQ sauce and rib seasoning. Use all three together for mouth watering ribs. Rib Candy comes in so many flavors the hardest thing about this bundle is which one to pick. Will it be apple and brown sugar, black grape sweet, mango habanero, pomegranate, pineapple, apple cherry, or any of the other fabulous flavors? It’s all up to you and lets you achieve a taste that’s second to none right in your own backyard.

As for the Chicken Pack, I hope your tastebuds are ready, because there will be a taste explosion coming. This pack consists of Bird Bath glaze of your choice, BBQ sauce and of course chicken seasoning. What is Bird Bath you say? Well, it’s a specially formulated glaze specifically for chicken, turkey, and other poultry. The come in several flavors like mango heat habanero and peach mango sweet for your next bird grilling experience.

Four pack seasonings and three pack pepper seasonings are also available with special bundle pricing and what about the famous pepper jelly? Not to be left out there is a 4 Pack Pepper Jelly combination with your name on it. Just pick four different flavors, or double up on your faves like Texas tropical habanero, apple habanero, berry medley, strawberry or raspberry habanero or apricot, the list goes on and the possibilities are endless!

If you still just can’t decide, what about the Variety Pack that gets you a Rib Candy, a seasoning and a bottle of sauce or the Popular Variety Pack including a Rib Candy BBQ sauce and pepper jelly of your choosing. Ordering all of these bundles is super easy, just head on over to the bundles tab and choose your products.

Your next grilling adventure is about to be kicked up a notch or two when you have these bundles to unleash and enjoy! Happy grilling!

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