Celebrate National Day of the Cowboy With Some Chuck Wagon Cooking

It’s time to celebrate the hardworking, dedicated cowboy, Saturday, July 24, 2021. Initially, when out on the trails, cowboys attached their food and cooking supplies to their saddles, making travel difficult for the horse and cowboy. Once long-distance cattle drives began after the Civil War a better solution was necessary. Thanks to early forms of mobile kitchens (the original food truck) and the invention of the Chuck Wagon (attributed to Charles Goodnight), cowboys of yesteryear were able to enjoy good hearty meals while driving their herds along the trails for what sometimes took months.

Today, people continue to enjoy chuck wagon cooking, some even participate in chuck wagon competitions and cook-offs.  It’s easy to understand why. This style of cooking remains simple and requires only a few, durable pieces of cookware and utensils like cast iron pots, dutch ovens, long-handled forks, ladles, and a real wood fire — don’t even think about bringing charcoal briquettes! 

We know, over time, new methods and technology have made it easier to prepare food outdoors and in. Admittedly, we love our wi-fi enabled thermometers, meat injections, and smoker controllers, but there’s something to be said about cooking the cowboy way with an open fire. It truly reflects the traditions, culture, and flavors of the old west.

Individual bottle of Craig's BBQ Sauce on a white backgroundAt Craig’s, we know a little something about tradition.  We believe that once you got a good thing going you don’t change it up.  That’s why you’ll only find one Craig’s BBQ sauce, which has been the case since its debut almost a decade ago. While we know our barbecue sauce hasn’t been around nearly as long as the cowboy and chuck wagon cooking,  we also know that our barbecue sauce and All-Purpose Seasoning (APS) can bring flavor to any meal whether it’s cooked inside on a George Foreman or outside on the range in a cast iron pot on the fire.

Be sure to show your appreciation and celebrate your favorite cowboy this Saturday with some chuck wagon cooking, and don’t forget to show us how you use our products on social media. Tag us by using @texaspepperjelly or #texaspepperjelly. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. And definitely, keep that pit smoke rollin’!

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