Everyone Needs A Go-To Seasoning

Five tastes — sweet, salty, sour, umami (meaty, savory), and bitter. Combine any of these with your sense of smell and you get flavor. Craig’s seasoning lineup combines all ingredients your senses need to enjoy the great flavors you deserve. Whether it’s barbeque or just a good homestyle meal, we have your go-to seasoning.

From Craig’s All-Purpose Seasoning to his Jalapeno Seasoning we provide the punch your food needs. We include common barbeque ingredients in all of our seasonings such as salt.

Salt is a flavor enhancer which can entice your taste buds in ways no other seasoning can. Salt can make sweet foods sweeter, such as watermelon and tomatoes. It can also make umami foods, like burgers and stews, more savory. Combined with other herbs and seasonings it creates a flavor combination that any foodie will enjoy.

Why should you use our All-Purpose Seasoning, and make it your go-to?

We joined salt with other ingredients in one container to create Craig’s All-Purpose Seasonings (otherwise known as APS). It is exactly what it is named – all-purpose. This product has the right combination of salt combined, garlic and pepper. You can’t go wrong using this in all of your cooking.

This seasoning mix allows your nose and taste buds to gather more information to produce the perfect flavor of your food.

Pepper, garlic, and salt are very different seasonings and enhance food in different ways.

  • Salt brings out the prominent flavors in your meal.
  • Pepper covers the food with a warm sensation.
  • Garlic impresses a sweetness when used properly and combined in the right amounts.

Texas Pepper Jelly has combined all of these ingredients into the perfect flavor storm of spice blends!

Use it to kick up a breakfast taco. Add it to a pot of chili. Shake it onto a steak just before throwing it on the grill. Or even highlight the veggies you are grilling with said steak by tossing them in Craig’s All-Purpose Seasoning just before giving them over to the flames.

Don’t forget seasonings are used to enhance your food, not overpower it. Sometimes it just takes a small amount to get that flavor you are looking for. Any good cook knows to taste your food while you are preparing it. Start with a little and add as you see fit.

Want something more dish specific? We offer other seasonings in our lineup that can help take your cooking to a whole new level. Chicken seasoning, brisket seasoning, rib seasoning, three pepper, and chipotle. Allow Craig’s seasonings to coax out flavors in your next meal.

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