We love Sloppy Joes here. We consider it a meal.

By the time we’re finished adding things to the ground beef, Sloppy Joes ARE a meal.

Hot, savory, spicy, full of vegetables, fruit, and goodness, Texas Pepper Jelly’s Sloppy Joes are a meal that your family will ask for, over and over. You probably read about our Sloppy Joes last year, and our Texas kind of Sloppy Joes too, but we’re cooking up a new batch of Texas Pepper Jelly-style sloppy joes, so we are talking about them again!

Put some of our extra-special potato salad on the table, too, and friends, you’ve got a MEAL.

Here’s how to make tonight’s Spicy Sloppy Joes:


What to do:

Cook the ground beef and drain thoroughly. Crumble the meat as finely as you can.

Add all the other ingredients to the pan containing the beef. Mix and cook for another ten minutes, stirring constantly.

Serve right away.

This recipe makes a spicy mixture that is delicious on a bun, over tortilla chips, mixed with cheese and formed into a cheese ball or left in a bowl and used as a dip, etc. However you use it, it’s going to be great.

We serve it on toasted buns. There have never been any leftovers in the history of Texas Pepper Jelly products used around here.

Side effect: Your house will smell FANTASTIC for several hours, even after supper is long over. It will make your entire family long for another sandwich around 10 p.m., but there won’t be any leftovers.

Unless, of course, you made a double recipe and hid half of it from your family so you could bring it out and re-heat it for that before-bedtime snack.

Mom, if you are making this, it will make you Mother of the Year, by the way.

Throw some

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