What do you think of when you think of cocktail weenies? (Oh, hush!) Usually, they’re always the same: those miniature hot dogs or sausages in a barbecue-type sauce. They’re often the most popular food on the buffet, especially with men and kids. We won’t try to analyze why.

Our Texas Cocktail Weenies, however, will rock your world. I’m not kidding.

Remember, the best recipes are often the simplest, and Texas Cocktail Weenies is certainly simple. It’s also, even MORE certainly, absolutely delicious.

Here are the directions – you probably won’t need to write them down. You will, however, most certainly want to remember them!

Buy a package of cocktail hot dogs or sausages or both. (I buy both and mix it up)

Drain them, and dump them into a large bowl or casserole, something oven-friendly.

Pour any flavor of Texas Pepper Jelly over them. You can stop there, and have a delicious treat, or you can go a step further and then pour a bottle of Texas Rib Candy over the pepper jelly. Mix well. Heat in oven or microwave, start sticking toothpicks in as many hot dogs/sausages as are exposed, put the box of toothpicks beside the bowl or casserole, and step back.

Yum. We’ve used Pineapple, Berry Medley, and Peach Habanero pepper jellies so far, and we’re not finished yet. Summer’s almost here, and Texas Cocktail Weenies will be the perfect addition to any menu.

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