This is the Messermeister cheese/tomato knife. It comes in three colors: black, red, and blue.  I like the red knife best.  There is something in my head that thinks a red knife will cut a red tomato better.  I know, I know.  🙂

We also use this knife to slice hard cheese.  It’s razor-sharp, lightweight, and makes it easy as can be to get a nice smooth slice of even the hardest cheese.

I am extremely particular about my kitchen knives; they must be RAZOR-SHARP, and lightweight, and strong, strong, strong.  Messermeister knives fill my bill perfectly.

Messermeister cutlery isn’t expensive, either.  The cheese/tomato knife is only $21.99, and worth every penny.  You can’t buy a knife this good in a store.  Not for that price.

My husband almost always has a brick of hard cheese going, and he’s crazy about the Messermeister cheese/tomato knife.

Messermeister knives go right in the dishwasher, too.  Just be careful loading and unloading it, because these knives are SHARP!!!  I love them.

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