Crockpot Recipes - It's Too Darn Hot Out There

There’s an old Broadway song called “Too Darn Hot.” It’s from the musical Kiss Me Kate and it’s about how when it’s really hot outside, a person just doesn’t feel much like doing anything, let alone cook.

Right now, it’s 98 degrees out there, and the humidity is so intense, it’s like swimming through the air whenever we try to go outside. This is no weather to fire up a stove or oven or grill, inside or out. We can’t eat in restaurants ALL the time, although some people do, we still have to eat. And don’t forget the children need to eat, too!

Therefore, it’s the perfect crockpot season. If you don’t own a crockpot, you should!

Now, we here at Texas Pepper Jelly have posted many delicious, nutritious crockpot recipes, and every one of them is perfect for an easy supper on these hot, humid nights.

Crockpot BBQ is always awesome, and Craig’s BBQ Sauce is perfect for poultry, pork, beef, lamb, and anything else you can think of. Just throw some meat into your slow cooker, add some onions and some sauce, shut the lid, and go about your business for eight hours. When it’s suppertime, it’ll be barbecue time.

Here’s the link: Crockpot BBQ – It’s Never Too Hot

Your slow cooker is great for desserts, too. Here’s our recipe for crockpot strawberry cake!

If you’re not in the mood for barbecued meat, your crockpot will serve up a delicious meat dish with any of our Texas Pepper Jelly flavors, too! Here’s our recipe for Apple Cherry Habanero Crockpot Pork!

Before and after your meal, you might need a snack to keep your energy levels up for all those summertime activities. Texas Pepper Jelly has a wonderful recipe for Texas-Style Cheesy Chicken Dip!

Dutch oven with Cheesy Chicken dip TPJ recipe
Crockpot Cheesy Chicken Dip

To sum up, you can still prepare wonderful hot meals without heating up your house and your temper. Just keep that handy crockpot on the kitchen counter near an electrical outlet, and every day, throw in something to cook all day and be ready in the evening. Our Texas Pepper Jelly products – all of them! – will add zing and pep and flavor and all kinds of delicious taste bud treats; your family will love it!

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