Crockpot BBQ: It’s Never Too Hot!

Fourth of July is fast approaching, and what’s the glorious fourth without some delicious barbecue? The problem is, it’s hot outside. Temperatures are in the high nineties around the country, and several days, places have hit a hundred. What do you do when your family begs for BBQ, but you really don’t want to fire up your grill? Gas, charcoal. . . it’s too hot!

Answer: Barbecue some pork chops in your crockpot.

We suggest “pork chops” because that’s an inexpensive cut of meat, but really, you can throw any kind of meat into your slow cooker, add some Craig’s BBQ Sauce and a little chopped onion, and the neighbors will call and ask if they can join your family for supper. Pork, chicken, lamb, beef. . . whatever you’ve got in the fridge or freezer – just pop it into your crockpot and go.

Craig's Barbecue Sauce image

If you’ve taken it out of the freezer, you don’t even have to thaw it before you put it in the slow cooker. Just make sure you let it cook for at least six hours on low and four hours on high.

Crockpot barbecue is so easy and effortless. Just place the chops or roast or whatever cut of meat you’ve got into your crockpot, pour a cup of Craig’s BBQ Sauce over it, add a handful of chopped onion, replace the lid, set the crockpot on high or low, depending on how long it’s going to cook and go about your business.

Hot summer days are the perfect time to use your crockpot. It doesn’t heat up your house, as your oven would, and you don’t have to stand out in the back yard in the broiling sun, turning meat on your grill while your family waits in the air-conditioned house.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just using your crockpot in the summer. It is an indispensable small kitchen appliance for any household.

If you don’t have one…get one for your kitchen. Along with the proper essential kitchen tools on hand and you won’t need much more to be a great at-home chef! 

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