Texas Pepper Jelly has long been the place to go to for pepper jelly, seasonings, rib candy and BBQ sauce. In fact, we are known as BBQ Champions many times over and hold numerous awards and ‘best of’ achievements so we really do know BBQ. While of course Canadians can and do buy directly from the site, there are now stores nationwide that carry your favourite products.  So, for those of you who may be new to pepper jelly and the like, here’s why you need to check these things out for yourselves.

It’s no secret that things are bigger in Texas, and that goes for flavor too, especially when grilling. The special blend of spices in the unique seasonings kick whatever you are grilling up a notch or two and when used in conjunction with the award-winning BBQ sauces, it all but guarantees you a flavorful grilling experience.

Now what’s the deal with pepper jelly? Well, it’s sweet, it’s hot, it’s a wicked combination of fruity and heated and it’s an all-around treat for the tastebuds. You can use it on toast, English muffins or bagels just like you would ‘regular’ jam, but it has many other uses, like a topper for your favourite ice cream, a marinade for meats, a hot addition to casseroles or dips and the list goes on. Since it comes in so many flavors you will never get bored and there is no end for things you will find to do with it.

Glaze. We love glaze on baked goods like cakes and now thanks to products like rib candy we can glaze our ribs to be even more flavorful than ever. Think of it as a finishing step for perfectly grilled ribs, giving that sweet -and sometimes savory- decadence to your BBQ. These products can be used throughout the cooking process or just put on at the end to give you that glossy lovely look that we all strive for. Choose all sweet, no heat options or get a kick of heat with your sweet, the choice is yours.

So where in Canada are these products available? You can check the handy store locator or head to Morinville Home Hardware in Morinville, Alberta, Sweetwood Seasonings in Okotoks Alberta, Energy Smart in Lethbridge Alberta or the Luxe BBQ Company in Winnipeg Manitoba. Products are also available in London, Ontario at Elmira Stoveworks, Shallow Lake, Ontario at Hellbent BBQ and stores in Etobicoke, North York and Concord Ontario. If you’re in the Maritimes you can check out Vintage Stove and Fireplaces in Brookfield, Nova Scotia or Clearwater Pools in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Of course you can always shop online for your soon to be favourite BBQ essentials!

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