What does it take to be a master griller, one who not only wins but wins big, one that is on top of his or her grilling game, one who is referred to as the best? It takes commitment, time, talent and the knowhow of course, but it also takes trial and error, realizing what goes best with what and which spices mix best with which spices. Amateur grillers may use just one component, whether it be BBQ sauce, seasonings or glaze to get their meat tasting just so, but by mixing three different things together, you take grilling to a whole new level.

The seasonings you use when grilling go a long way in determining how tasty your product will be. The Texas Pepper Jelly proprietary blend is unique and award winning and has evolved over time to be the best it can be. Choose from jalapeno, chipotle, three pepper, rib, chicken, brisket or all purpose, or mix two or three together and enjoy the results! But wait, these seasonings aren’t just for grilling, use them in casseroles, stews, dips and much more, anywhere ‘regular’ seasonings can be used. You’ll love the way your favourite dishes turn out.

Sauce is something all grillers use at one time or another. At Texas Pepper Jelly, the BBQ sauce is the staple ingredient of our championship BBQ team. It works well with the seasonings and the glazes and is an excellent addition to a lot of other dishes as well. New to the brand are Craig’s Ketchups which work like ‘regular’ ketchup but with a kick of heat. They are great to add to ethnic foods or a good ol’ pot of chili.

So, you’ve used the seasonings and the sauce, but something is missing—that would be the meat glaze! Whether you are grilling chicken, brisket or ribs (or anything else for that matter) you will want to add a glaze to the end product. Rib candy and bird bath products are the perfect glaze for your championship backyard BBQ. We have a sweet no heat or a sweet and heat option in a variety of flavors to tempt even the pickiest of eaters. Imagine that extra kick of heat (or sweet) adding so much mouth-watering flavor to your next backyard event. They can also be used for veggies and as an ice cream topping or for any baking needs as well.

Versatile and great alone or together, seasonings, sauce and glaze work to make you grill like a pro!  Buy it now as a great new Bundle

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