Some of the hallmarks of a great piece of perfectly grilled meat are the smell, the sound, the look and of course the taste. We get the smell with the aromas of the cooking process itself, the sizzle as we cook and the fats mingle with the heat of the flames and the look, well, that look of shiny, beautifully prepared meat comes from the glaze. If you’ve ever looked at a cut of meat on a commercial and wondered how you can achieve that look with you own cooking it could be time you tried a meat glaze.

The look is one thing but adding a meat glaze pumps up the flavor as well and really, isn’t it all about the flavor? Juicy and delicious, brimming with flavor, that’s the whole point of grilling in the first place! You may think that meat glazes are sweet and sticky, but in reality, they can be sweet or spicy or savory, sometimes all three at the same time. Because of the nature of say a chicken glaze or a rib glaze it is best to think about the cut of meat as a whole. Glazes work best on larger pieces of meat so that the flavor won’t overpower the finished product.

As for when to use your glaze, it really all depends on the product itself. If there is a high sugar content you will want to put it on at the end of cooking or else it will burn, and no one wants a burned dinner. If, however, it is savory in nature you can apply it throughout the cooking process, starting when your meat is cooked at least half-way though. Don’t be shy about adding pan drippings to your meat glaze, either the more flavor the better

Meat glazes come in a wide variety of flavors and are specially formulated for whichever meat you are grilling. Rib Candy sweet and heat for those perfect ribs and Bird Bath products which are a great addition to chicken, turkey, duck or any other poultry you are grilling. Try a peach mango hot, peach mango sweet or mango heat to bring that oomph to your next meal!

But wait! These meat glazes can’t possibly only be used for grilling meat, right? Of course not! They are brushable, they are pourable and they can be used on veggies, as an ice cream topping, for cakes, pies and any other baking where you want that all sweet, no heat option (or a hit of heat if that’s how you like it!) What are you waiting for? Grab some glaze today!

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