We’re in the midst of some dangerous heat advisories, and few people around these parts want to fire up the oven or even the stovetop right now. Hot as it might be outside, it’s NEVER too hot to grill outdoors, and this weather is the perfect excuse – as if any of us needed an excuse – to thaw out some chicken and ribs and invite some people over for dinner.

Whether your grill uses charcoal or gas, anything cooked on it will taste far better than the same thing cooked inside on a convection stove. Don’t get us wrong – meat is delicious cooked indoors, but let’s face it: meat cooked outdoors on your grill, with some Texas Pepper Jelly or Rib Candy or Bird Bath is going to be delicious beyond all comprehension or description.

So throw together some Spicy Potato Salad, some Pineapple Habanero Cole Slaw, ask your guests to bring some cake and have a feast.

P.S. Don’t be afraid to stir some pepper jelly into your cold drinks – and it doesn’t matter what kind of drinks you’re having, either. You know what we’re sayin’. . . .

Yee HAW!

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