Texas Pepper Jelly Cranberry Habanero Brace yourselves – I’m saying it again: so often, it’s the simplest things that are the best! Or the tastiest, as the case may be. . . .

Our new Cranberry Habanero is so delicious, and so easy to add to other things! These days before Thanksgiving, I like to try things out on my family before putting them on the table and letting my mother extended family be Cranberry Habanero holiday jellythe guinea pigs. Tonight, along with our Apple Habanero baked pork chops, I added a half cup of Cranberry Habanero to a can of cranberry jelly, put it in a clear glass bowl, and was elected Queen by my hungry family.

There wasn’t so much as a teaspoonful left over.

For Thanksgiving, I’m tripling this simple complicated recipe and telling my sisters I spent hours putting it together.

Don’t tell on me.