Most of us will be creating the biggest and most carefully planned meal of the year this week, and there are so many ways to use Texas Pepper Jelly products, I hardly know where to begin!

Let’s start with the turkey. Did you know that pepper jelly is a fantastic baste for pretty much every kind of meat? I use a “bag” for my turkey, so I only have to baste it once, seal it up, put it in the oven, set the timer, and worry about the top of the stove for a few hours; it’s so easy, and the pepper jelly will soak into the meat and give your family the best turkey dinner ever!

Put some pepper jelly in the dressing, too.

Are you having slaw with your feast? Use pepper jelly instead of regular slaw dressing. Wow, will your family love it!

Don’t forget to set some Texas Pepper Jelly on the table for the hot rolls, or whatever kind of bread you’re serving. Mmmmm, pepper jelly on hot bread!

As for the vegetables? Texas Pepper Jelly is delicious with or on every kind of vegetable that exists – my family has never NOT loved a vegetable-pepper jelly combination.

Oh, and the day after Thanksgiving, when people are making those delicious turkey sandwiches? Break out the pepper jelly for those, too. Your usual condiments will get a rest, instead of a workout, because pepper jelly on a turkey sandwich is so good, there are no words to describe it!

We here at Texas Pepper Jelly hope your Thanksgiving holiday is a tasty and wonderful experience of family, friends, and good food.

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