feastoffridays This post’s title is absolutely true; there IS always room for Jello, just as Jello’s old commercials used to tell us!

My family has always liked Jello. I was never good at molding it; Jello at our house was usually served in one large bowl, or little individual pudding bowls.

The main thing I want to tell you in this post is that while plain Jello is good, and fruity Jelly is good, there’s a way to serve Jello that’s better than any other way, according to my family, anyway.

Just open your pantry and grab off a box of Jello – any kind, and it can be sugar-free if that’s what you have to work with. Follow the directions on the box and stir until all the powder has dissolved. While the mixture is still hot (boiling water!) open a jar of any flavor of Texas Pepper Jelly you might have on hand (except pineapple habanero; jello and pineapple don’t mix) and stir it up. The pepper jelly will melt slightly which is fine. Put your big bowl or little bowls in the refrigerator for a few hours. After dinner, get out the spicy jello and stand back. Be sure you’ve made enough; one helping won’t do it.

I might have mention this before, but so often, in all of life and especially in the kitchen, the simple, inexpensive things are the best things of all.

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