Here’s one of the best Texas Cookin’ Tips you’ll ever get: Texas Pepper Jelly carries Messermeister cutlery!

If you’re any kind of cook at all, you’re VERY particular about your knives. Kitchen knives need to be razor-sharp, heat-proof, easy to sharpen, and durable. ALL of these qualities, not just a few. ALL.

It’s easy to find kitchen knives at any store. The most expensive knives aren’t necessarily the best knives, either.

Messermeister cutlery isn’t nearly as expensive as many excellent knife company’s knives, but the quality of a Messermeister knife is superior to all others. A Messermeister knife, or any other piece of their cutlery, will last a lifetime, and after that, it will last for your son or daughter’s lifetime. And so on, because a Messermeister knife is built to last for generations.

Texas Pepper Jelly carries Messermeister cutlery, and we back these knives with our usual guarantee: if you don’t like it for whatever reason, we’ll refund your money. In my opinion – and I’m extremely picky about my kitchen knives – my Messermeister knives are the BEST! I have several Messermeister kitchen knives, and they’re my favorite ones.

The curved knife in the picture is the Messermeister Park Plaza 6-inch curved semi-flexible kitchen knife, and it’s perfect for paring, peeling, slicing, and pretty much everything you’d need a smallish, razor-sharp knife for, in your kitchen. I like the curved knives best, and the Messermeister Park Plaza curved knife is awesome!

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