whatscookinwednesday Once again I’ll say this: often it’s the simplest things that are the best.

How simple can today’s post be? My husband is sitting at the kitchen table across from me, dipping apple and pear slices in pepper jelly.

We have some cream cheese in the refrigerator, but he didn’t want pepper jelly and cream cheese dip; he just wanted some spicy/sweet pepper jelly to dip fruit in.

He shared a slice of apple with me, and I’ll have to say. . . . yum.

I’ll also have to say that I really, really need to order some more Texas Pepper Jelly. My husband was holding the jar up to the ceiling light so he could scrape the very little bit of pepper jelly out of the very bottom of the jar with the sharp ends of his apple slices.

That’s how much he wanted some pepper jelly on his apple slices. I only wish I’d had my camera with me; it was a pretty funny sight.

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