ribcandysm In just a few days – okay, a week – we’ll all have some awesome leftovers on our hands. They won’t last long, but they’ll disappear even more quickly if you lay them out on the table with a few bottles and jars of Texas Pepper Jelly products.

I know I can’t wait to try some Rib Candy on a turkey sandwich. Oh, and my kids? Last year they were dipping leftover dressing in various Texas Pepper Jellies and loving it. I am assuming that this year they’ll want to do the same.

I suppose some people might think it’s silly to be thinking ahead to leftovers when the actual feast hasn’t even happened yet, but in my family, leftovers from any kind of meal are “every man for himself,” and the Thanksgiving feast is even more cutthroat on the day after.

I need to order some more products. I especially want to get my hands on the new product: Cranberry Habanero. My kids have instructed me to order at least three jars of it.

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