Your New Go-To Holiday Cranberry Sauce

What’s Thanksgiving dinner without cranberry sauce? You can’t leave out the cranberry sauce! It just wouldn’t be right!

Fortunately, cranberry sauce is easy to make, and Texas Pepper Jelly’s recipe is the best EVER!

One way to start is by creating the basic sauce, which many people like just as it is.


One bag of cranberries (12 oz)
1 cup sugar (real, not fake)
1 cup water

What to do:

Put all ingredients in a saucepan and cook for about ten minutes on medium/low heat. Stir constantly; I’m serious – don’t walk away from the stove!

Pour into a pretty bowl and let it cool. Serve.

However, OUR recipe is a bit different, although it’s still really easy.

Texas Pepper Jelly’s Spicy Supreme Cranberry Sauce

A jar of Texas Pepper Jelly Cranberry Habanero jelly


1 bag cranberries (12 oz)
1 cup orange juice (we use the pulpy kind)
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup Cranberry Habanero Pepper Jelly

What to do:

Put everything except the pepper jelly in a saucepan and cook over medium heat for about ten minutes, stirring constantly. After ten minutes, remove from heat and add the pepper jelly. Let it cool.

Pour into a pretty dish and serve. This is the most awesome cranberry sauce recipe in the world. We aren’t kidding.

Of course, there’s another way to make some pretty good cranberry sauce. It’s easy, too.

Here’s what you do: go to the deli counter and buy some of their cranberry sauce. Bring it home and add a jar of Texas Habanero pepper jelly. Pour into a pretty dish and serve.

But that would be cheating. Or would it? Your call. We make ours from scratch, but the deli stuff is pretty good, too. The point is, whatever kind of cranberry sauce you serve, it’s going to be way better with Texas Pepper Jelly’s Cranberry Habanero in it.

We have another option as well, but it takes a little more work and time in the kitchen. It’s our fabulous Spicy Cranberry Salad recipe…Delish!

Bon appetite.

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