Texas Pepper Jelly is awesome on sandwiches and toast, but sandwiches and toast require bread.  My family loves homemade bread, so I learned to make it.

I don’t use a bread machine, no, no, no.  I make genuine homemade bread.  I figure, if my fingernails aren’t spotlessly clean after I’m finished kneading that dough by hand, I’m not really finished kneading.  🙂

Once you remove your bread from the oven, however, it has to be sliced before you can really start slathering the pepper jelly on it.  I’ve experimented with a lot of knives in my day – I’m kind of oldish so I’ve had a lot of days – and the knife I like best is the Messermeister 10-inch Kullenschliff slicer.

It’s a beautiful knife, all-round. Sharp as a razor. Easy to handle, too.

With some knives, cutting homemade bread is a big deal, and the slices are seldom smooth. The Messermeister Kullenschliff slicer, however, will give you a lovely clean slice every single time.

Remember, too, bread-bakers, that you really must let your bread cool completely before you try to slice it.

And now that your bread is sliced – thanks to your awesome Messermeister Kullenschliff slicer – you can start spreading that mouth-watering delicious Texas Pepper Jelly on it.

Mmmm, pepper jelly.

P.S.  It’s June: the wedding month.  Why not give the newlyweds some Messermeister cutlery?  It lasts practically forever, and everyone needs good kitchen knives.

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