feastoffridaysHey, you know that post on Wednesday here?  The one about spicy ice cubes?

You’ll need those spicy ice cubes for today’s Texas Tip, too.

Two summers ago, I bought an ice shaver.  There’s nothing like shaved ice, with some flavoring, to quench a thirst.  I bought this one; it was economical, and it’s on its third summer so it’s sturdy.  And when I say sturdy, that’s exactly what I mean, because this family has really given it some hard use.

The post about pepper jelly ice cubes gave me an idea.  I bet you can guess what it was already.  🙂

I took some of the pepper jelly ice cubes and put them into the ice shaver and closed the lid.

In less than two minutes, I had a large glass full of spicy shaved ice.  I ate some of it with a spoon and used a straw to get the rest.  It was so good, so refreshing, so superior to anything flavored with grape or cherry, etc.  It wasn’t like a popsicle; it was like nothing I’d ever tasted before.  Icy cold shaved ice flavored with Pineapple Habanero pepper jelly.

Nothing in my life has ever quenched a hot summer’s thirst so quickly and so well.  That ice shaver will be put to even harder use this summer.  This summer will make all those other summers look like sissy summers.

Spicy slushies.  That’s what my kids call them.  I recommend them to your attention.  Highly.