Every good cook needs a good boning knife. Meats must be prepared before they’re cooked, whether that would be in the kitchen or outside on a grill.

Texas Pepper Jelly is proud to feature Messermeister knives of all kinds, and their boning knife is the best we’ve ever used.

Beef, chicken, pork, lamb. . . whatever kind of meat you’re preparing must usually be boned, and this is best done with a super-sharp knife made especially for that purpose. Boning knives are thinner – more razor-like – than a regular knife; they are perfect for the precise cutting and “drilling” required for preparing meat for cooking.

Texas Pepper Jelly’s knives are the best, plain and simple. You’ll not find better knives in any store at any price.

You can order your Messermeister boning knife right HERE.

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