texaspepperjellytipsI don’t have a lot of time to cook, yet I love to prepare good meals for my family.  Time-saving recipes and hints really help me a lot.

Today’s Texas Tip is about marinade.  Marinating meat can make even the cheapest cuts tender and flavorful, but marinating takes up a lot of that valuable, non-existent TIME element that I just don’t often have.

I have, however, discovered a way to marinate my family’s beef, pork, chicken, and pretty much any kind of meat, without losing either flavor quality or time!

It’s easy, too.  When you get home from the grocery store, re-package all the meat in strong freezer bags.  Add the marinade to the basg and then put them in the freezer.

As the meat defrosts, it marinates itself!

As for the marinade itself. . . I usually just use one of the delicious Texas Pepper Jellies.  If the store was running a special, and I bought several different kinds of meat, I would also use any of the Texas Grilling and Finishing Sauces, or, if my son was visiting,  some Habanero or Raspberry Chipotle Salsa.

There is just something about having been frozen together, and then thawing together, that gives any kind of meat that absolutely delicious Texas  perfection!  And now, it’s ready to throw on the grill or the broiler!