texaspepperjellytipsIt’s often those brief little tips that we use and remember and use again.

Here on the Texas Pepper Jelly blog, you’ll find many wonderful recipes and tips: stuff you won’t find anywhere else.  Delicious and different, our readers have discovered that a bit of one of Texas Pepper Jelly’s pepper jellies, rubs, sauces, or salsas added to a recipe can turn something simple and ordinary into something simple and awesome!

For example, if you’ve baked a white or yellow cake, here’s a super simple icing for it:    Just soften a cake of cream cheese in a bowl and add about a half cup of pepper jelly to it.  Ice your cake and get ready for the compliments.

Put the cake in the refrigerator and let it chill, and it’s even better.

Item:  this icing isn’t so good with chocolate cake, but it turns a white or yellow cake into a masterpiece!

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