sleightin2smThis beautiful tin with the picture of an old-fashioned winter sleigh ride is just one of Texas Pepper Jelly’s new holiday gift ideas for you.

Most companies give you just one choice for the contents of such packages: theirs.  Texas Pepper Jelly is different; we let YOU choose what you want inside our holiday tins.

Our sleigh ride tin contains six 2-ounce jars of Texas Pepper Jelly.  What kind?  You tell us!  You can choose any kind of pepper jelly that you want!  You can have all six jars contain the same kind of pepper jelly, or you can have each one different!  YOU get to choose!

Our new Texas Pepper Jelly Sleigh tin, with six 2-ounce jars of any kind of pepper jelly you want, is only $22.97!

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