Black Cherry Grape – Sweet or Heat

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Our Black Cherry and Grape Habanero Rib Candy is DELICIOUS. Like all our Rib Candy products, it’s versatile: use it as a marinade, an ingredient in a mixed sauce. It’s a dip. It’s a glaze. However you choose to use it, it’s a winner!

Black Cherry and Grape Habanero Rib Candy comes with or without the “heat,” too. At Texas Pepper Jelly, YOU make the decisions. We’ll make and pack up your order to your specifications, not to any preprinted directions we “always follow,” as other companies usually do. Our customers are in charge of the Texas Pepper Jelly kitchen!

Example: Are you interested in ordering a multi-package of several different flavors? Don’t worry about searching and finding the combination/selection closest to what you really wanted. Just tell us what flavors you want and that’s what you’ll get. Order 6 of all the same flavor. Order a pack of all different flavors (still your choice!) Order any combination of flavors you want. Keywords here: The flavors YOU WANT. You tell us what you want and that’s what we’ll cook up for you.

As with all our flavors of pepper jelly or Rib Candy, our products are good with pork, beef, chicken. . . even vegetables! Anything you can throw on your grill, toss into your crockpot, put in your air fryer, or oven, Texas Pepper Jelly products can make even better!

Better than Grandma makes? Well, actually, unless Grandma is already using Texas Pepper Jelly products, then, um. . . . yes. Better than Grandma makes.

A package of Texas Pepper Jelly products would be a good gift for Grandma, in fact.

So that’s today’s advice: Sign up for the newsletter. Try our Rib Candy – especially our Black Cherry and Grape Habanero (or no habanero). And send some of our products to Grandma.

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