The results are up at the International Barbecue Cookers Association, and our very own Texas Pepper Jelly CEO Craig Sharry is # 1 in both Pork Spare Ribs and Overall Standing!

He also placed high in both Brisket and Chicken, making him the official  International Barbecue Cooker’s Association ibcalogo1GRAND CHAMPION !!!!!

International Barbeque Cookers Association’s purpose is to develop and bolster equitable competitive Barbeque cooking internationally.

We give competitive cookers the peace of mind when their product is placed in the judging area.  IBCA shall know no boundaries nationally or internationally.

Craig Sharry’s awesome Texas Pepper Jelly products are superior in every possible way; each order is made up fresh and sent out fast so your family doesn’t have to wait very long to get their hands on that Texas Habanero Salsa, all those wonderful pepper jellies and rubs, and those grilling sauces. . . mmmmmmm.

Here in the midwest, springtime means the good weather is now interspersed with the cold weather and the rain, but on those good days, you can smell the BBQ all over the neighborhood.  Most of my neighbors won’t use anything but Craig Sharry’s bbq rubs now, and my sister’s family feasted on grilled chicken with Craig’s Spicy Peach grilling sauce last night.

In other words, I’m not surprised in the least that Craig Sharry is the new Grand Champion of the International Barbecue Cookers Association, for nobody on this earth – and this was an INTERNATIONAL contest – puts his heart and soul into creating sumptious food for the rest of us to enjoy like Craig does.

Congratulations, Boss!  We’re all proud, but none of us is surprised.  We KNEW your products were the best!

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