Texas Pepper Jelly assortment star Easter is coming up faster than we realize – it’s April 24 this year. It’s traditional to give the gift of a filled basket on Easter, and Texas Pepper Jelly has a star-shaped basket filled with an assortment of pepper jellies that would be the PERFECT Easter basket gift for a friend, neighbor, or grown-up family member. While the children in your home might prefer a basket filled with chocolate bunnies and peanut butter eggs, the older family members would be ecstatic to find a basket for them, and filled with their favorite pepper jellies.

When you order an assortment of any kind from most companies, you’re limited. The baskets are pre-made, and often you are stuck with one or two flavors that nobody likes, and they go to waste, and so did part of your money.

Texas Pepper Jelly doesn’t do that to its customers. When you order an assortment from us, YOU are in charge of telling us which flavors you want. Often, people order several assortment baskets or tins and each one is different.

Order all one flavor if you wish. Order one of each. Order two of one and two of another. It’s up to you.

You tell us what kind of pepper jelly you want in your star-shaped basket, and we’ll make it up fresh for you and send it right out.

Texas Pepper Jelly is proud to say that our shipping is really fast, too.

P.S. On Easter morning, when people traditionally have eggs, be sure to set out some pepper jelly to mix with the scrambled eggs, dip the boiled eggs into, spread onto your toast or biscuit or bagel, or eat with a spoon. Hey, people do that all the time.

It’s also awesome stirred into your cocoa or coffee.

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