My husband is a math teacher, and tomorrow is Pi Day. Today, by the time this posts, in fact. On Pi Day, his calculus students like to have a pitch-in; they all bring pies and my husband brings my homemade bread and some butter, honey, and jelly.

What bread and jam have to do with Pi Day, I have no idea. But it’s tradition now, and you can’t buck tradition!

What we HAVE changed about this tradition is the type of jam he brings, along with the homemade bread. Every since we discovered Texas Pepper Jelly, that’s what Tim brings to school on Pi Day. It’s been a HUGE hit, too.

His students are crazy about Texas Pepper Jelly. I have to pack several different kinds, and none has ever come back home. This is both awesome and disappointing: it’s awesome because it’s proof that pretty much everybody is nuts about Texas Pepper Jelly, and it’s disappointing because the day after Pi Day, we have no pepper jelly to eat up here at home.

I’ll just order some more. Texas Pepper Jelly has really fast delivery.

And, the homemade bread is all done, wrapped up, and hidden away in the guest room behind a closed door. What’s that? You think that’s an odd place to keep bread?

Not if you have two voracious cats who love bread and who can slash open even a thick freezer bag to get at it, it’s not. Ask me how I learned this. Go ahead. Ask.

I assume you’ve figured it out, huh. 🙂

(Sometimes I store bread in the oven, but I can’t tonight because the oven is still hot from all the baking. The plastic freezer bags would melt.)

So. My husband’s Pi Day homemade bread and TPJ are ready for him to take to school today. Each year it’s a different group, but word does get around.

I think it’s wonderful. Happy Pi Day to you all.

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