Monday is the Glorious Fourth, and we here at Texas Pepper Jelly hope you’ve got plenty of pepper jelly and grilling sauces for your outdoor barbecue purposes!

Since we all have our individual flavor preferences, our mixed case of Texas Pepper Jelly just might be your best bet, if pleasing everyone is your goal. Unlike most companies, our mixed cases are mixed according to YOUR preferences, not our personal convenience. In other words, you tell us which flavors you want in your mixed case; we don’t tell you.

Choose one of each. Choose a full case of two flavors. Choose one flavor and the rest of another flavor. It’s your call – your preferences. We’ll send you whatever you ask us to send you.

And then, when you have your holiday cooking – or an everyday cookout, for that matter – you’ll be able to offer your family and friends whichever flavor they love best.

Add to their choices our Rib Candy or other grilling sauces, and your cookout is destined to be one of the highlights of your and everybody else’s lives!

P.S. Don’t forget the Bird Bath!

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