Happy Valentine’s Day from Texas Pepper Jelly!

Remember: the heart is warmed by many things, and one of those things is delicious spicy food.

So many ordinary recipes can be made extraordinary with a simple addition of a Texas Pepper Jelly product, you know.

Stir some into your coffee, or cocoa. Add a dollop to an alcoholic beverage.

Put some on your ice cream – that’s REALLY delicious!

Add a little pepper jelly to any cake mix. Spread some on your cheesecake.

Marinate any kind of meat in Texas Pepper Jelly. Your crockpot loves to be filled with pork loin, or chicken, or beef, or lamb, etc, and doused in Texas Pepper Jelly.

Your crockpot will also love you forever if you douse its insides with Craig’s BBQ Sauce. Honestly, that stuff is so good I could drink it out of the bottle, straight up.

And don’t forget our simplest idea of all – a slab of cream cheese covered with any of our many pepper jelly flavors. Put that on a tray, surround it with crackers and/or veggies, and you’re got a feast of fine things.

Most of all, remember that all Texas Pepper Jelly products are made of the finest ingredients, wholesome, nutritious, and absolutely delicious. Heartwarming heat for every day, not just Valentine’s Day.

But Valentine’s Day is a good time to remind you that you, our customers, are why we love our jobs here at Texas Pepper Jelly. Your letters, your reviews, your reactions to our products warm OUR hearts every day.

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear customers/friends. And may you have a safe, warm, and spicy-good little holiday.

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