Spicy Valentine Candy, pepper jelly, rib candy Texas Peppr Jelly Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and there’s nothing like something spicy to warm our hearts!

One of my husband’s favorite foods is barbecued pork loin, so last night I put a big frozen-solid pork loin in my crockpot, poured about two cups Texas Pepper Jelly, dicing an onionof Craig’s BBQ Sauce over it, added a cup of diced onions, closed the lid, turned it on “low,” and went to bed.

Everybody in the house had wonderful dreams all night long – even the cats were mesmerized by the delicious aromas wafting throughout every room.

Today, before I left for work, I lifted the crock out of the slow cooker and put it in the refrigerator. You might think nothing more happened to that pork loin while it was sitting in the cold, but you’d be wrong. The fully-cooked loin sat there marinating and soaking in the absolute deliciousness of Craig’s BBQ Sauce and those onions, and when we got home tonight, I put the crock back in the pot, turned it to “high,” got some sweet corn out of the freezer, made a big casserole dish of baked beans, tossed a big salad, and got out some refrigerated yeast rolls.

I usually make our dinner rolls from scratch, but it had been a long day. Mea culpa.

How was the barbecued pork tenderloin, you ask?

It was so tender I had to lift it from the crockpot with two large Texas Pepper Jelly, valentine's dinner, spicy foodslotted spoons instead of tongs. It was so delicious that every time someone walked past the platter, he/she had to grab a taste. By the time I put everything on the table, it looked like this.

My kids were fighting over the outside of the loin; when you cook it in a slow cooker, it develops a kind of outer “shell,” which is so tasty, well, your kids will fight over it, too. You’ll have to cut some of it off and hide it for yourself. Midnight snack. So good.

And I didn’t have to call anybody to the table, either. They were all already there, waiting.

That was our family Valentine dinner. We usually do this early, because my husband and I like to have our official Valentine Dinner with just the two of us.

He did mention that another loin for next week would be nice.

It’s just simply delicious and that’s all there is to it.

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