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In summer, we tend to use more condiments than in winter. Whether it’s because summer makes us long for chips and dips, or various and sundry marinades for meats and anything from the grill, or because many condiments are perceived as “cooling,” I’m not sure. Pick a reason!

On almost every supper table in hot weather, my husband and kids want a variety of what they call “dippings and coatings.” The condiments take up more room than the food! They want ketchup and mustard. They want mayonnaise. They want peanut butter. They want onion dips, and most of all, they want pepper jelly.

“It goes with everything, even the dessert, Mom!” is the usual comment.

Right now, we’re out of pepper jelly, and you should have heard the whining tonight!

Well, actually, no, you shouldn’t have. It wasn’t a pretty sight, nor was it a pleasant sound.

But I’m ordering more Texas Pepper Jelly tomorrow. My husband says there’s no use firing up the grill if there’s no Texas Pepper Jelly.

He’s right, you know.

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