You heard it here first!  Texas Pepper Jelly has always offered jars in small, large, and extra-large, and now we are also offering MEDIUM!

That’s right; you can now order your favorite Texas Pepper Jelly flavors in a 4 oz. jar – bigger than the small 1.5 oz jar, but smaller than our 10 oz jar, and a LOT smaller than our awesome gallon buckets!

The price is good, too; our small jars are $2.57, our new medium jars are only $5.57, our large jars are $7.77, and our extra-large bucket ‘o pepper jelly is $78.78.

Click on over to the Texas Pepper Jelly website and order some now!  They’re all absolutely DELICIOUS!

Keep checking this blog; we’ve got several new things a’cooking here at Texas Pepper Jelly, and you’ll read about them here FIRST!