Back in the olden days, doctors (and mothers) put hot poultices on a sick person’s chest, to help calm down the coughing.  When I say “hot” poultice, I mean both hot with heat and hot with peppers.

People who live in cultures where a lot of hot-with-peppers foods are eaten don’t have nearly as many colds and coughs as do people who don’t eat a lot of hot things.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.

My son – who is a grown man but he still knows who his boss is, until he gets a wife, that is – was so sick last week that he asked if he could come home and be taken care of by. . . guess who?  So I drove up and brought him home and gave him some good mom-backrubs and some food and some general pampering; it had been a long time since I had him at home and helpless willing to let me snuggle on him.

I thought sure I’d have to take him to the emergency room, but on the third day, he sat up and said he felt TONS better.  Now, why do you suppose that is?  Just what got rid of that terrible, frightening cough?

Texas Pepper Jelly, that’s what.  I can’t prove it, but Texas Pepper Jelly on toast and on crackers was about all he could get down, and he said the warm feeling just went ALL THROUGH his entire body and felt wonderful.

He ate – and glowed – his way through an entire jar of Pineapple Habanero and a little over half a jar of Berry Medley Jalapeno, and an entire box of Ritz crackers.  He asked to take my only remaining unopened jar of Peach Habanero home with him, and I’m letting him take it because he’s been siiiiick.

Thank you, Texas Pepper Jelly.  I know you’re not medicine, but your hot goodness helped my son get over an awful cough and fever.  I have a feeling he’ll be ordering a few jars himself; after all, Texas Pepper Jelly goes so fast here at my house that nobody can ever DEPEND on there being some here.  Oh, there usually is, but sometimes, we’re still waiting for it to arrive.

Texas Pepper Jelly.  Mmmmmmm.  No household should EVER be without it!  My seldom is.  We LOVE IT!

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