It’s been a long, difficult week, and the weekend couldn’t have come soon enough! We deserve a treat, so tomorrow morning, I’m making pancakes.

Not just any pancakes, though. We don’t use syrup any more, even on pancakes. Not even on waffles. Once we tried some Texas Pepper Jelly on our pancakes, syrup seems so dull. Yes, we’ve become such Texas Pepper Jelly fanatics here, that we’re even eating it for breakfast now!

And let me tell you:  those pancakes are DELICIOUS!  No syrup necessary with Texas Pepper Jelly on your pancakes. Nope. Syrup, your days here are not just numbered – they’re timed out. Over. Done. Zip. Zilch.

Now, plan on making pancakes tomorrow morning, and open a jar of Texas Pepper Jelly to put on them.  Mmmmm, it’s AWESOME.

Any flavor is good – and if you’ve got some fresh fruit to mix with the pepper jelly, so much the better.

This is the weekend of Sept. 11, you know. Reminders of the horror will be all around us. We here at Texas Pepper Jelly want to add our wishes that nothing like this will ever happen here again.

God bless the America we were meant to be.american-flag

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