Strawberries In most areas of the country, strawberry season has been over for a while by now. However, there are also bags of strawberries in freezer bags all over the nation, too! Plus, fresh strawberries are still available in grocery stores, and it is there that I scored a few pounds of strawberries and decided to experiment with some of them.

In science labs, of course, some experiments work and some don’t, and some don’t turn out exactly as we thought they would, but we end up with a success anyway.

I had some Strawberry Habanero pepper jelly left, so I mixed it with some diced fresh strawberries and. . . . . .

. . . . mixed it with some freshly popped popcorn. Minus the butter and salt, of course.

I added a cup of corn syrup, buttered my hands (more than once, I might add!) and VOILA – we had Spicy Strawberry Habanero Popcorn StrawberryHabaneroPopcornBallBalls.

General consensus was that they were absolutely delicious. I do know that there aren’t any left, and I just made them three hours ago.

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