pepper jelly & bread I had ONE jar of Texas Pepper Jelly left – Strawberry Habanero, one of my favorites. The only reason I still had it was because I HID IT from my husband and kids. Yes, I hid it. That’s the only way I can keep the good stuff from being devoured before its time. Oh hush – you do it, too.

My Strawberry Habanero was only partly used up, too. I save it to stir into my hot tea in the morning – it’s awesomely good!

However, the picture you see above shows my Strawberry Habanero as it was, not as it is. My kids moved the jar of olives aside and found it, and the little beasts ate every last bite of it on hot buttered toast as a before-bed snack.

Did I call them beasts? I don’t really mean that. They’re my precious babies. My precious babies who found and stole my last jar of Texas Pepper Jelly and ate it ALL. I mean, what am I supposed to stir into my hot tea now? The little beasts. I mean, precious little children.

Wahhhhh. . . . .

Seriously. The only thing better than Strawberry Habanero would have to be Pineapple Habanero. Or maybe Raspberry. Or Peach. Or Texas Medley. I make all my apple pies with Apple Habanero now, plus, Apple is awesome stirred in hot cider. To be entirely truthful, we have loved every flavor of Texas Pepper Jelly we’ve ever tried, and I never tire of thinking up new and different ways to use pepper jelly in my recipes.

I mean, I WOULD, if I had any now. Little beasts.

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