texaspepperjellytipsI’m going to say this again:  sometimes the simplest little things are the best.

A bowl of oatmeal is a perfect thing to “experiment” with!  We add raisins or brown sugar or cream or dates or pecans or berries. . . . all that, and a bit ETC, because oatmeal goes so well with so many other yummy things.

My son has started stirring various Texas Pepper Jellies into his hot oatmeal in the mornings.

He hasn’t decided which flavor is his breakfast favorite yet, but he said yesterday that he was leaning toward the Texas Peach Habanero.  With a sliced peach.  And some brown sugar.

I’m wondering what the difference is, these days, between my son’s bowl of oatmeal and a big cookie that he eats with a spoon.

This gives me an idea.  I wonder what a little pepper jelly would do in an oatmeal cookie recipe. . . .

Stay tuned.