For Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to give a gift that’s hot, and sweet, and warms the cockles of the heart.  That’s a perfect description of Texas Pepper Jelly!

But which kind would your sweetheart like best?  The answer to that might be: the one he/she gets to CHOOSE.  Give him/her a Texas Pepper Jelly gift certificate, and have some Pepper Jelly both before and after the meal; you know, to warm things up a bit.

Gift certificates are always a wonderful present to give someone; you get to choose the ‘category’ but the recipient gets to choose the ‘specifics!’

Texas Pepper Jelly now has gift certificates! YES, you can now give the gift of choice to those you love, with a Texas Pepper Jelly gift certificate.

You can purchase your certificate in either $25, $50, $75 or $100 amounts. Our certificates do not have an expiration date. After your purchase we will mail you an actual certificate. All you will have to do is enter the gift certificate number during checkout. If the complete amount is not used, that’s ok. Our fancy shopping cart keeps up with what you spend and any remaining balance can be used on future purchases.

Believe me: once you’ve tasted Texas Pepper Jelly, there will be many future purchases.  Just ask my husband!

Don’t be nervous about shopping online, either. Remember: Texas Pepper Jelly has buySafe!

If your Valentine’s Day devouring of Texas Pepper Jelly produces some family-friendly pictures, we’d love to show them here on our blog.  You can send your pics to:  Who knows, YOU might be the next Texas Pepper Jelly star!